Meet John Blight

Service Desk


There is not much about Triaster software that John doesn't know. No-one, other than Mike has been with the company longer. He's had a variety of technical roles during his 15 years with Triaster, from software development to internal IT support, and is now perfectly matched to his current role of Technical Support Manager. With his depth of technical knowledge, his incredible patience and as the ultimate completer finisher, John has the perfect skills to support his customers. And they do appreciate him:

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"Hi John, You are a genius! All working perfectly and I cannot tell you how grateful I am."

"Without exception we get a fast professional response and almost always an instant fix."

We asked John to give some examples of the very different way in which he helps his customers:

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My role is all about problem solving. The scope of the problem can vary vastly: at the more straight forward end I am often explaining how something should be done, or why something isn't working, or perhaps recovering lost files. I am very aware though that what may seem a minor problem to me, may well be a major problem for the customer.

At the more complex end, I translate customer requirements into the actual technical implementation. For example, David Neilson, Thomson Reuters, wanted Google Analytics to give him some specific results for his Process Library. I liaised between him and our developers to ensure that he got the results he needed. I also often liaise with customer IT departments, so that the business user of a Triaster Process Library gets the specific support that they need, which is not always that easily obtained!

John Blight

Fact File

Joined Triaster


Photo updated


Before that

Completed a PhD in Chemistry

Professionally he is most proud of...

Successful collaborations with customers


Cooking, driving my kids about


Good food, wine


Karaoke, filling in surveys

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

He cooks a mean chicken pasty!