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Update on the latest features released in version 13.5


Triaster Suite 13.5 has now been released and contains the following new features:

Process Navigator - version 13.5

Process Navigator is now fully documented in product. Version 13.5 includes a Getting Started Guide (pdf), as well as a User Manual (pdf) and equivalent online help.


All context-sensitive Help buttons now go to a version-specific, online help page. For example clicking Help on the Tools>Options dialog loads the following help file:


With full documentation in place, the Feature Previews option has been removed.

This approach to documentation is a great improvement over the Knowledge Base product documentation and in future will be extended to cover the full Triaster Library functionality. Following that, all product help documentation will be removed from the Triaster Knowledge Base.

An Advanced option has been introduced to group together all Process Navigator settings which require advanced understanding of how the software works:


Within this Advanced area, found in Tools>Options, an Advanced Mode has also been introduced. With 'Run in Advanced Mode' turned on, Process Navigator menu options are revealed for functionality which has the potential to change data or make overwrites across widespread maps, for example: 'Replace Data', 'Import Properties from Excel file' and 'Simulate and Aggregate'.

By default Process Navigator will not run in Advanced Mode - the menu options are greyed out - in order to reduce the chance that an inexperienced or casual process mapper makes erroneous widespread data changes or unintended overwrites of the process maps.

Please note that 'Advanced Mode' is simply a device for hiding and displaying menu options and toolbar buttons. It does not affect command line automation so if you have built task files to automate for example a Replace Data, then this will still work as before.

Simulation and Aggregation has been further enhanced in version 13.5. The major aim of the Simulation and Aggregation feature is to help derive the cost of a mapped 'as-is' process, along with the cost of several alternative 'to-be' processes. Thus quantifying the business case for change.

Please read the article explaining Simulation and Aggregation and some of the terminology and concepts underpinning it.

Triaster Server - version 13.5

The following further enhancements have been made to the Alerts and Approvals functionality:

  • It is now possible to configure the text and subject heading of the alert e-mails. There is also the option to add a hyperlink (for example, to link to a help page) and additional text (such as an explanation of the alert).
  • The Library name is now automatically added to the subject of the alert e-mail.
  • There are more direct links from the alert e-mail to the process maps requiring review and approval.
  • It is now possible for an approver to add comments when approving a map.


In addition, a new report has been added to the Publication Checklist reports, which gives information about unapproved maps.

Cross-browser compatibility has been improved. Before 13.5, the search capabilities of the Process Library would not work in any browser other than Internet Explorer. The search will now work on a number of browsers. This has become increasingly important as we develop the Library for mobile devices.

A beta version of the mobile Library is also available in version 13.5. If you are interesting in testing this and helping evolve the new functionality, please contact or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234. These are also the contact details, to discuss your Library upgrade.

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