Measuring Process Library Usage

How Fugro GEOS goes about it


We are all striving to achieve high HSEQ standards in our businesses. At Fugro GEOS one of the tools in our armoury to communicate this is a Process Library, yet there is the persistent fear that staff do not perceive it as a 'default.' When this happens the consequences of those updated processes and documents being ignored whilst obsolete, habitual or 'local' copies continue to be used can lead to all sorts of non-conformance problems. This can make the company look unprofessional - in this current climate a disaster in itself.

We have introduced WebLog Expert ( to enable us to analyse the way our Process Library is being used.

As this software sits wholly within our IT system, it satisfies the security concerns of our IT department, who don't like us using Google Analytics, which requires an external dependency. With WebLog Expert we can look at trends and whilst some of these are obvious - it doesn't get much usage at night or at the weekends, for example - the interesting stuff arrives when we drill down a bit further.

We now have access to:

  • Activity Statistics: Daily, hour of day, weekly, etc
  • Access statistics: Pages and files most downloaded, named by file type. Also entry/exit pages, paths through the site, etc
  • Errors: 404 errors, server errors, etc
  • Visitors: Host IPs, countries, organisations
  • More: including browsers, operating systems, referring sites, bandwidth usage

So the easy bit is done. The hard work will be analysing the data and from there, creating a strategy.

How we achieve better use of the Process Library will be part philosophy, part psychology, listening, training and of course making our Process Library even more user-friendly.

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Q Tucker
Library Administrator
Fugro GEOS

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