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At the 2012 Customer Experience Exchange Brian Nicholls, Project Leader and John Stokes, Corporate Business Process Manager, talked us through Interserve's implementation of PRISM; originally developed to make consistent process information accessible throughout the organisation, but now driving business growth.

Interserve is a very diverse construction and support services business operating in the public and private sectors both in the UK and internationally. They offer advice, design, construction, equipment and facilities management services.

They are based in the UK and are in the FTSE 250 index. They have an annual turnover of £2.3 billion and a workforce of over 50,000 people worldwide.

Interserve piloted their Process Library in the Support Services business, which employs half of those staff and brings in £1 billion of the turnover. Support Services is made up of five independent operating units, each with their own MD. There were also nine management systems in place and nine separate accreditations, so it was always going to be a challenge to impose some consistency.

Brian was clear that ninety per cent of the effort required to implement the Triaster Process Library was in selling the concept of one central system, with only 10 per cent of the effort going on implementing Triaster.

The team's initial objective was to agree a central spine of support services, which would be consistent throughout the organisation. A number of subject matter experts worked together to capture actual processes as delivered, to pull them apart and to redesign them. This was done against a background of very clearly defined objectives for the project and a clearly defined governance framework (please see ppt). Triaster gave a great deal of assistance with agreeing these ground rules.

Initially twenty core processes were captured and published to the new Process Library. These were signed off by the business units in January 2011 and then the project moved to phase two, capturing and agreeing consistent processes for a further 100 core processes.

For Interserve getting this useful and used process documentation in place was a quantum leap, requiring quite a culture change. This was helped by Marketing, who in July 2011 got involved to create a Library brand that would work group-wide and in October 2011 the Process Library was re-launched as 'PRISM' on their intranet (IRIS).

IRIS is launched on logon to any laptop or PC, by anyone with an Interserve e-mail. Brian and John demonstrated this and the easy access to PRISM from IRIS. The PRISM symbol has quickly become synonymous with processes at Interserve, as processes can't be accessed anywhere else. Effort has also been made to link PRISM to other useful sites so that it really is the single source of 'how to' information.

From a library of support information, PRISM has now developed further. Operational procedures are being captured in operational sub-libraries. This means that someone working for William Hill (Commercial) will find their customer facing processes in a separate library from the one covering the refuelling of a Hercules (Defence). However all the Operating Units can see each other's libraries and reuse any processes as appropriate.

PRISM is also being used to collaborate with key Interserve customers, such as the Ministry of Defence and Boots. Customers really like this as they can access the specific Interserve processes and procedures by which their contract is being delivered. Interserve recognised that the Defence Library was one of the reasons that they won a new Four Islands contract with the MOD and this has recently led them to use PRISM to support new business bids, with great results, for example a new NHS contract in Leicester has been won recently.

So from a starting aim of closing off a weakness, they are now winning contracts.

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