Meet Jo Dolton

Customer Success Director


There is not much about any of our customers which Jo doesn't know. Whilst excellent customer service is really important to all the Triaster team, Jo is every customer's champion. So if she is concerned for any reason that a customer might not be having the best possible experience, she will work tirelessly to ensure that they do. We asked Jo to tell us about being the customer's champion and this is what she said:

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I am quite well known at Triaster for saying 'I don't think our customers will like that' or asking 'How will our customers benefit from that?' This is not about being negative, it's all about thinking through any new ideas from a customer's perspective. If I can't see the benefit to our customers, I will always say so.

My role is to be the customer advocate and to ensure that they receive the best possible software and service. I realise that this may not always happen, but I pride myself in picking up on anything that customers' feel requires attention. Also I would far rather customers feed back to me about their experiences with us, whether good or bad, than keep it to themselves. If it's not up to their expectation, it's usually not up to my own, and therefore I will do everything in my power to rectify the situation.
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Thanks Jo. Very impressed with the customer service I received. I wish everyone was as helpful as you.
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust
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Jo, you have really helped us this week, and the team's response to resolving and improving the search problem we flagged was just astonishing.
Aero Engine Controls

Jo Dolton

Fact File

Joined Triaster


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Before that

Worked in Sales and Account Management for a number of companies, selling anything from safety equipment to Helpdesk software.

Professionally she is most proud of...

Building such good relationships with our customers that they all feel like friends.


Cooking, travelling to far flung places, keeping fit and gardening. Walking my two chocolate Labradors.


Tea, very dark chocolate, cars and animals.


Bad manners, reality shows, soap operas and so called celebrities.

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

She got married in Las Vegas.